Health Assessment

Get your "numbers" and track your health.

What you need to do:

Call Quest Diagnostics at 877-304-7055 or visit (registration key “Greyhound2019”) to schedule an appointment, and go get your screening. 

Once your results are available, log onto and select “Take My Health Assessment.” You’ll generally need about 15 minutes to complete your assessment.

That's it!

Note: You can get your biometric screening by going to a Cigna network provider that uses Quest or Lab Corp, or, if your provider uses a different lab, bring a Cigna wellness screening form with you to the appointment. If you get your biometric screening at a non-Quest or non-LabCorp facility you will need to bring a Cigna Wellness Screening form with you for your provider to record your biometric screening results and send to Cigna. You will also need to enter your results in the online health assessment yourself.

Did you know?

You can get the day off with pay and reduce your sick leave waiting period for next year when you get both a wellness exam and a biometric screening?

Just bring a PB-1 form to your appointment for your provider to complete, and submit it to the Trust Office.