Cigna Diabetes Prevention Program with Omada®

Omada® is a new type of online program to prevent the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. If you qualify, you get all the support and tools you need including a professional health coach, wireless smart scale, and more. You can access the program through your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Omada counts as a Healthy Activity!

Participate in the program and lose 5% of your current weight—from your first weigh in on your wireless smart scale through September 30, 2024—to satisfy the Healthy Activity requirement and avoid the medical premium surcharge in 2025.

What you need to do:

  • Find out if you qualify. Take the 1-minute risk screener to see if you’re eligible to apply for the program. (Visit to take the risk screener.)
  • Apply for Omada. Eligible individuals can then immediately complete the 5-10 minute application after they take the risk screener.
  • Receive confirmation. In 1-2 days you’ll get an email letting you know if you qualify to join.

If you’re eligible to join, you will get:

  • An interactive program to guide your journey
  • A wireless smart scale to monitor your progress
  • Weekly online lessons to empower you
  • A professional Omada health coach to keep you on track
  • A small online group of participants to keep you engaged


Omada is offered for employees and their adult dependents enrolled in a Cigna medical plan who are at risk for diabetes or heart disease and qualify for the program. There is no cost to you for participating in Omada. Visit for more information about Omada and to see if you're eligible.